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All About Batteries

battery detail

Battery Age
Batteries get weaker with age but are generally considered ‘fresh' if it is less than three months old. Most batteries are expected to have a life of about three years..

Check your batteries age. Look for the manufacturing date.
Most date codes are stamped on the battery case or terminal.

Car batteries are NOT ‘maintenance free'. You must check the battery regularly. Keep the terminals, cables, and connectors clean and free from corrosion. Use a wire brush and baking soda/water mixture to scrub away the growth of whitish, greenish, and bluish stuff on the battery terminals. Ensure your battery is being held in securely on its tray. A car will normally need a battery change every three years. It's a really good idea to c
arry a portable jump start pack inside your car for emergency use, but be sure to know how to use the gadget and be sure to charge it every 3 months even if you have not used it.

At the first sign of battery trouble, start scouting around for a new battery.
You won't get a good buy when you're stranded with a dead car battery.

jump leadsEmergency
If your battery is temporarily drained (maybe you left your lights on) you can jump start the car off another battery (in another car)

Connect first the red lead to both positive (+) connections of flat and charged battery. Then second connect black lead to charged battery negative (-) terminal or car chassis (with charged car engine running) - then connect the other end of the black lead to the flat battery negative (-) connection.

With the stranded car engine running the flat battery will soon charge.

How to change your car battery
You'll need the correct size spanners and or sockets and drivers, a wire brush, We recommend buying some copper grease or special battery terminal corrosion protector spray to keep the terminals clean which will provide more reliable performance over the life of the battery.

You'll need a new battery of the correct size and capacity to fit your car.

Scroll down - For details to consider about
size, connections, reserve capacity, cold cranking amps and brand

We sell batteries for every kind of vehicle, be it a car, motorbike, lorry, quad, jetski etc. Our standard car batteries are supplied almost fully charged so they are ready to use straight away.

Warning: Does your battery really need changing? Your battery may be holding its charge but your alternator may not be charging properly. We can apply a simple test to confirm the alternator is working properly.
Warning: Batteries contain sulphuric acid, which is poisonous and causes burns; they give off hydrogen gas, which is explosive when mixed with air; when charged they contain enough electrical energy to cause burns or fires if short-circuited. Follow all precautions specified by the manufacturer.
Warning: disconnecting your battery may cause electrical equipment to default to standard settings and may need your PIN number to reset or re-activate (for example Radio).

If you feel you are not able to complete the process outlined below please contact us as we can fit your battery for you for a small additional charge when you collect your purchase from our trade counter.

Change Instructions

  1. Disconnect the electrical leads from the old battery, negative (earth) first (look for a '-' sign near the battery terminal) positive second (look for a '+' sign near the battery terminal).
  2. Undo the fixing clamp nut or bolt that holds the battery securely in place - details vary for each car but it is commonly a bolt near the base of the battery that secures the strap or bracket
  3. Lift out the battery. Be careful not to drop it, and keep it upright to avoid acid spillage.
  4. Place the new battery onto the battery tray and secure it with the clamp
  5. Re-connect the electrical leads, positive first, negative (earth) last.
  6. Protect the terminals against corrosion by smearing them with copper grease or using an anti-corrosion spray.
  7. Check that the negative (earth) lead connection to the car body is clean and tight. Unbolt it and clean it with a wire brush or abrasive paper, if necessary.

Please Dispose of the old battery responsibly - don't just put it in the household rubbish.
The lead it contains can leech into water supplies and harm animals and humans.
It can be recycled.

JG BATTERIES can safely dispose of your old battery
ensuring that components are correctly recycled.

Battery Size
Even in the same model range of most manufacturers physical battery sizes vary. Size refers to the physical dimensions of the battery: height, width and length. It is important that the battery should fit snugly and securely. A replacement battery should be as close as possible to the size of the original battery. Buying a smaller-sized battery may be the wrong capacity and may damage the electrical systems in your car as it will likely not be powerful enough even though it may be able to start your vehicle.

Measure height, width and length.

Type of battery connection
There are two connections positive marked + and negative marked - The type of connection can vary from round post to square post with through hole. The round post comes in different sizes. The position of these connections can vary

Note type of connection square through hole or round post
(diameter of round post at heighest point)
Note position of connection (in relation to length being at front)
positive left or right front or back

negative left or right front or back

Reserve Capacity
Reserve capacity rating (RC) refers to the battery's ‘standing power'. The RC rating of a battery is often listed in "amp hours" often marked as Ah. This is the number of hours the battery can supply 1 Amp of current. The longer the operating time of the battery' reserve capacity, the better; because this is the one quality of the battery that could save you from getting stranded, for example if you leave your lights on when out shopping or play the stereo for a long time with the engine switched off.

IMPORTANT: You cannot just pick and buy a battery with the longest reserve capacity you can find. Consult your owner's manual to learn the recommended reserve capacity rating for your particular car model. It is best practice to choose the RC rating as close as possible to that of the original battery.

Cold-Cranking Amps
Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA) is the measure of the battery's ability to start your car even in extremely cold weather. During freezing condition, your car will be hard to start because the car's engine oil thickens and chemical reactions, in turn, slow down.
Choosing a battery with a high number of CCA is better; particularly to those vehicles being driven in a cold climate. A higher cold-cranking amps figure ensures that your car's engine will start even on snowy mornings.

Check your owner's manual and follow the CCA rating specified for your car battery. Do not choose batteries with CCA rating which is much lower or much higher to the rating recommended by your car's manufacturer.

Brand refers to the trademark given to a certain product. Sometimes it is the same as the manufacturer's name (e.g. Varta is a leading battery manufacturer).
Buying the same brand of battery currently fitted to your vehicle is not necessary. A battery marked with the same brand as your car (eg BMW) will simply be a third party battery (eg Varta) with the car manufacturer sticker and they may charge more for it.
Do not be tempted to buy the cheapest brand of battery because it could turn as the most expensive battery you've ever bought. Batteries that are suspiciously cheaper than the "going rate" are often lower capacity batteries marked up to look like one of a higher capacity and will therefore fail earlier if subjected to a high load. This will more than wipe out the money you've initially saved when you chose the cheap car battery.

“With over 30 years experience in the automotive business I aim to offer great prices and prompt deliveries to keep your car or your business on the road at all times - we are here to help so please feel free to call for advice or information.” ... JG Batteries, John Green says



JG BATTERIES - Wholesale batteries delivered to the Trade and Retail Outlets also Retail batteries at Wholesale prices direct to the Public.
Optional full battery fitting service.

Located just off the A10 close to Royston on the boarders of Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire, we are well located for customers in ...
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As a Wholesaler, with well established backing, our prices are very competitive, but most importantly, we only sell high quality batteries by the top manufacturers
including: Yuasa, GS Batteries, Varsa
“With over 30 years experience in the automotive business I aim to offer great prices and prompt deliveries to keep your car or your business on the road at all times"
"we are here to help so please feel free to call for advice or information.” ... JG BATTERIES, John Green says

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